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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  September 20, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit nc wonders if their well water is contaminated. they live near that giant sinkhole. we start tonight in polk county with the sheriff there who says it only took about 30 minutes for this man to put a lot of lives in danger. his name is thomas vice, and he's accused of opening fire twice. first during a fit of road rage, and the second time shootin fox 13's aaron mesmer joins us live. >> thomas invite was armed and angry and headed here to this nabl in lakeland. first maybe shot towards another car and the sheriff says it's a miracle that no one was kimmed. thomas vice describes himself on
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guy they blame. vice is blamed for doing something so wrong he nearly killed sefrm people. >> he needs to be in prison. he's danger just. >> the polk county sheriff says he was angry over the weekend. >> he's upset because his girlfriend he dated for a few months break up with up. >> he's going to northwest lakeland out here kathleen to shoot up the house. >> something else happened first. investigators say vice was hyundai hatchback like this on his facebook page. he began to tailgate another driver who flipped himz off. when the driver stopped at the light at highway 540. >> thomas vice is pointing a gun at him. the light turns green and he shoots at our victim sever times, fortunately missing the victim and his wife. >> reporter: the sheriff said vice kept going and drove
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>> thomas vice shows up his ex-girlfriend's house and shoots multiple times into the house occupied by a 2 and 5-year-old child and two adults. >> reporter: deputies were already looking for him him afr the road rage incident. they pulled him over in an hour. they found a loaded revolve and shotgun like these along with spent bullet kaying cases ings. >> that's suspicious. you weren't there, but your car was there. you mask in the back seat of your car was there and the handgun and the shotgun was there. >> sheriff judd says one person who wasn't there was vice's ex-gir ex-girlfriend. she wasn't home it happened but one person was hurt but not seriously. vice is facing several charges including faemented murder. we're live in lakeland, aaron
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weekend's bombing in new york and new jersey hospitalized tonight after being wounded dooring a shootout with police. there he is right thru. two officers also injured. they're okay. that was 28-year-old ahmad rahami who faces five counts on attempted murder on the charges. charges have yet to be filed. rick leventhal tells us why new york city and at a time leaders have no doubt this is terrorism. >> the terror suspect wounded and in can you custody after a nnz, roughly three hours after his picture was released from the fbi with a warning. several officers were hurt in the exchange of fire. >> around 10:45 this morning, two linden police officers confronted rahami in linden on east elizabeth street. they encountered him outside a local bar, and there was an
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he was then taken into custody. >> reporter: authorities blooif he planted a series of explosive devices in noshing and nj, the first on saturday morning a pipe-bomb in a trash can along the routh of a 5k run. then saturday night on 23rd street a pressure coomer bomb blue up in or next to the it and injure aring 29 peoples shrapnel. another pressure cooker bomb was found on 27th street just four blocks away and did not gt off. the authorities say all three were connected to flip felonies and built by the same man. >> i have no indication there's a cell brath in the sem. i have no indication there's a cell operating here. >> sunday nye a backpack was found in a trags station just a
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a police bomb squad rob bot debt anywayed the one of the devices. monday morning they released rahami's picture calling him a person of interest concerned about the potential of another attack. >> we activated yerlier today used by our office of emergency management. that allowed you to get information out to all noshgdz irz across the board, and it had an extraordinary effect. >> this is what law enforcement something every day. they put themself to protect others regardless of the risk. this started on saturday. >> jimmy o'neill sporn in today. the security was already on heightening alert in new york with the general asem bring starting today. now it's ratcheted up higher with linger requestings about whether he kwkted alon.
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news. >> there's no linn between the former ter ror group. we'll continue to lead the fight with groups like isis. >> by showing thoesz that want to doed us harm will never beat up, and by shoiing the entire world that we do not and will not give into fear. that's the most important engried yents. those who would carry out terrorist acts against him. >> the president says the federal full resources to nkz and nj. tomorrow morning an verment testing firm hits them near the mosaic plant in quality. they're worried about the water quality after they admitted more than 200,000 gallons spilled into the aquifer when that big sinkhole opened there. people were anxiously awaiting
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>> reporter: we have learned 21 new maybes will pay for testing of the private water wells. one is melanie wood who only allows her family to drink bottled water for the time going. >> their tests have shown that has not moved below the porp line. there's pumps to get the water out, however neighbors say it's hard to take them aat their word because they didn' sxhil this was a awe news story three weeks after it ha upped. the water at woods' home will be tested tomorrow morning. they had say they increasing number of monitors we wills around property and found nothing wrong. >> it will not ge boone i don't understand our property line. >> you can to tell our wit of week for the next ten yeas. >> the city has crawed drupled
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and had no idea untilmy sgla wib told them on thursday three weeks later. they have not spop responsibilitied to the questions for the paper work that shows the that the water has not moved buy i don't understand mosaic own's property line. in mulberry, evan angle bank, fox 13 news. fire destroyed this hour in north sapped on 18th way north not far from sawgrass lake park. crews tooker where there's no world tonight about her opinion. there were several pets that didn't make it. all hospitalized foy heat exhaust shun. crees saw this intense september heat is one of the biggest challenges this time of year. >> up to 70 pounds of gear with their equipment, and it aksel brats their body quickly. our big focus is the amount of unions here is more about
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people safe. >> about 15 total units responded to the fire. >> his vision for channel side is more clear now. details about the first phase of the redevelopment plan released today. check this out here. this shows us where certain believes will be including a residential believe, and that will include a full-service grocery store on the first player. there's the cursor on your screen along riverside hotel one of two hotels. it will include a restaurant and will house several hundred condos. the second is much long other old water street not far. the plans call for a parking garage for people who attend events at amelie and across the from reason any we learned that fehring's channel shooid will be admissioned. we reached out to find out if they will relocate.
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officials plan to break ground late in the cases year. the entire project is decides to channel side with the rest of taken making it more walkable there. >> it's an interesting plan but i wonder about the traffic. i hope you have a way to be in and out. >> it's interesting to see it take shape. >> yes, it will. it was an emotional day for owners include it gets replaced. >> it's okay and we get another new normal. >> how a new fengs around that site pays tributing to the supervisors. that the story at 11:24. >> the pumping of millions of gallons of sewage into tampa bay is caused health concern and causing local fishing companies to take a hit. i'll have that story after the break.
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thunderstorms moving onshore
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weeks after hurricane hermine weeks after hurricane hermine ripped tlie pasco county, families are still dealing with the aftermath. more than 300 homes were damaged or destroyed, and a lot of families are still homeless and need basic necessities. the county's human services department asking foster these
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nonperishable food items and clothing and towels and bedding also baby items and hygiene items. just the basics of life. they can be dropped off at the flood resource center in port ricky open from 8:00 to 5:00 monday through friday. you can make a monetary donation. we posted that link on our website, so look at the seen of tv section of it's just terrible that with that all these weeks later. >> hopefully people can help out with the basics. as hermine dumped rain across the bay area, overwhelming pumping stations dumped millions of gallons of wastewater into the bay. >> haley hinds spoke to local charter fishing company worry about the damage done to the fish. >> reporter: lately it's been a love of cash and release for in
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from the boat ramp. they worry what's in the water could be in the fish. after hurricane hermine, sewage systems around tampa bay were overloaded and some cities had no option but to pump million ons of gallons of sewage into the bay, and that directly impacted the livelihood of businesses that depend on that in shore water. he says he can't see the difference, he and his customers can smell it. he says business is down at least 30% amoun to $25 hundred hundred a week. when he does take customers out, he's caution about what fish they keep and what they toss back. >> if i notice there's something wrong with them, i release it back into the water. i don't want somebody to get bad fish in the city of st. petersburg. we don't have algae blooms. are we going to lose all the sea grass in tampa back once before when there's hartley any.
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has millions of dollars in permanent fixes in the budgets. those could take years. they're calling for short-term solutions in the meantime. it's aimed at tackling sewage problems. we have several plans on how to do that. that meeting is at usf st. petersburg at 3:00 p.m. reporting in st. pete, haley hinds, fox 13 news. now your sky tower radar forecast with meteorologist paul dellegado. >> summer rainy season continues. a lot of action inland. check this out from what clul la this evening, and that's unbelievable. a lot of heavy rain and frequent lightning inland. i think we see more on tuesday. that picture on my facebook page, check it out. in the meantime with a light west wind this is more like july. you have paurt deputies running 87, 88.
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promote some showers in nnz and some of the rain is heavy near i understand ian shores and also palm harbor had heavy rain over you now. it's drifting east into hillsborough county soon. the motion is west to east and even hudson has rain. very he rain around brooksville. that cell is moving just along north of 50 heading to the east of brooksville pretty soon. very wet in way up to inverness and down 41. areas of moderate to heavy rain and continues to citrus springs into marion county. i think we have a ways to go. there are additional showers offshore, so between now and, say, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, there will be showers rolling in from the gulf. the heavy rain that was inland, that got soaked today along 27 from highlands county and then all the way up into eastern polk
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even lakeland had rounds of heavy rain. that is diminished, but the rain machine is back again on your tuesday and some of the rain will be locally heavy. high pressure just to the south it gifrs you a west and north wind. with water temperatures around 87 degrees, that will produce showers at night. right now, 70s and low 80s and the dew points are way up there. this still screams summertime whether for us. it will turn cooler. the high and low today is the 89.74. then by october 3rd we drop a couple of degrees, and i've said, you know, right around halloween give or take a week or two. you notice significant cools et cetera specially at night when the tiement lows drop into the
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in the strat central atlantic. td number 13 should be tropical storm lisa tomorrow. both of these storms are not heading for the united states. however, carl could get close to impacting bermuda this weekend getting awful close but taking a huge, a huge and dramatic right turn, which will likely the worst of the weather east o blued that. the 11:00 advisory is in. that storm likely a tropical storm and then moving nedz. this storm is no threat to land at all. over all we look good. showers and thundershowers diminish tonight. they're back tomorrow with a slot seven-day outlook. and more wes wind and linger showers and thunderstorms ending if we're lucky down to 77.
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no change. coming up on wednesday, the highs up to 88 and the third day of autumn. 89-77. you see the fall foliage just by liking at the numbers. 90 on saturday and whack up to 89 on sunday. >> i'll find some fake fall follow lynn so i can. >> maybe fake frost. >> something like >> the the leaving krurns under your feet is your grash. >> that's probably true. coming up a judge makes a difference on which weather certainly can be released. >> while changes are underway at the place where it happened. how orlando is still healing. that's next. the race has shifted the war on terror and clinton and trump are gearing up for their first bedate. we'll show you how they match
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new at eleven... dramatic surveillance video new at 11:00. schek out this dramatic video from inside a circle-k here. the armed man points at a weapon at the two store clerks and demands money from the registers. he robber got away with cash and no one was hurt and they didn't get a good luke look at the suspect. if you have any information that would be helpful, call county sheriff's office. a new fight to release the calls to the public. >> today the judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by the city of orlando trying to stop the release. dozens of media groups sued the city after the june attack to gain access. urnld state law 911 calls depicting victims killed are prohibited from making calls.
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there are changes underway at the pulse nightclub site. they spent the morning tear down the fence and put up a small one. ishg navigate it more easily and safely. this new one has local artwork honoring the victims. >> we're moving the fence back and replacing it with beautiful art which representing our community of people here. it gives us more space and moves the track r off the street. >> to get and they started to do 24 last week. staff from the orange county regional history center started to collect momentos from the fence and taking them back to the somewhere where they will be preserved. time to check in with scott to find out what's going on. >> the seminoles are mad about their loss to cover. twhar doing to avoid that. >> he makes his first start as a
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u-s-f is off to usf football is off to its best start in five years. week four is finally here, the one everybody is waiting for. the biggest game of the willie taggart era, florida state at ray jay saturday.
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boy did he talk. he spoke with the media for 35 minutes and upset about the loss to louisville over the weekend but stressed the importance of movering on and correcting the issues that plagued them last week. >> no we try to figure it out. be honest and direct and very accountable for myself and my coaches and players. we know we're all there together to figure it out, because w we proved it in the past and for six years. we proved it the first two games of the year we can. one game doesn't define you. florida is without their quarterback, luke del rio for the showdown against tennessee at rocky top. next man up is transfer austin ail pell by. he says the offense doesn't change as they go for their 12th straight win over the bulls. >> i think i have the element of
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i think i'm a little bigger just physically. i mean, the game plan ain't going to change a whole lot. we do what we do. we have our identities in offense and it doesn't matter who is behind center. >> to baseball the and rays look guys due to surgery. logan will have wrist surgeries on wednesday. mean whiem, the rays' final offday of the season. tomorrow back home against the yankees. tim tebow's baseball cal rear is for the mets instructionally league. normally they're down without much fair h fan fare, and nearly 7 had you been hundred they cheered him during. up 0 meedz ya members and a hovering news helicopter, your
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out. he release z hi journey. on their online shop it quickly became the hottest selling item for 120 bucks it could be yours. >> don't they cheer and clap at your cal sten anieses took. >> on the rare timed i do it. tim is comfortable in those numbers, blue and orange. that's why he was looking good out there. >> i think so so. all right. okay. it's k before we go there's a new resident at big cat habitat in sarasota. >> check this out. they just adopted an animal call aid figan. it looks like a tiger that's a mix between a fee maul lie john and they don't occur in nature but are bred in captivity. this is raja and he'll like spend the rest of his life in big cat habitat. his handlers try to determine his personality and how it will
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